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For paid licensees only. If you have already established login credentials for a paid license click on "Go to Assessment" to log in to InAlyzer assessment. If you have license payment approved but no login credentials, click on "Establish Login Credentials" and establish your Password and User ID.


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I would like to purchase the services of InAlyzer assessment for an annual single user license. This license will allow for an unlimited number of assessments for the licensed 12-month period for that single license with reports forwarded to that licensed user only. I understand that any upgrades or improvements for that licensed year will be included at no cost.  If more than one license is desired for the same organization, there is a 5% discount for each license. Each licensee will have unlimited access and receive an unlimited number of reports with each licensed user receiving said reports to his or her specific provided email address.


For a desired single user license, or licenses, please provide the following information in order for a total cost invoice to be forwarded to the organization. As soon as payment is received, a licensed user, or licensed users, for that organization will receive individualized login information and assessments can begin immediately. License cost is $1,990 for one annual single user license or $1,890 for each license if more than one.  

Your InAlyzer single user license is defined in the following manner:

  • You are licensed as a single user to use the InAlyzer insider threat assessment application for an unlimited number of assessments for one year, beginning with the purchase date.

  • Any upgrades and improvements during that one year will be provided at no cost.

  • An acquired license may be renewed at the end of the license year.

  • All requirements under the Terms of Service must be followed to participate in the continued use of the license. If the application is used in a manner that violates the Terms of Service, ANBECO, LLC reserves the right to cancel the use of the application.

  • In particular, confidentiality requirements must be adhered to – protection of InAlyzer results/reports must be protected with with the utmost confidentiality.

  • The Cost of a single user license is $1,990 per year ($1,890 per year if more than one license for an organization). This is a fixed cost for the year regardless of any cost increases for new clients. Please read Terms of Service.


InAlyzer Purchase Order Request Form 

Single User $1,990 or $1,890 for each license if more than one

Thank You for Your Request

Initiating and completing an assessment includes the understanding and acceptance that InAlyzer conducts analysis based on submitted observations and  not all items will be relevant for any one person. 
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