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InAlyzer™ is a fully encrypted, patent pending, and detailed behavior analytics assessment instrument designed to process workplace observations completed by a supervisor or one who knows the person to be observed well (the observer). The assessment form consists of basic background information to provide the necessary context for an accurate assessment, a front end screener to determine any areas of focus that raise concern, and screener drill down items to provide clarification in any area or areas of concern. Once all items are completed, the form is submitted. Depending on analysis and results, a detailed, 12 - 15 page personalized report is forwarded to the observer within 1-2 minutes. 
InAlyzer™ was constructed by analyzing numerous past examples (cases) of successful insider threat, including corporate and government espionage. theft, sabotage and reckless disregard for protective policies. The process of deep analysis surfaced many examples of workplace behaviors and precursors that were associated with insider threat. InAlyzer consists of these behaviors and precursors in such a manner that behavior analytics can differentiate between those who present threat and those who do not. Detailed responses are presented indicating the need for monitoring or organizational action to mitigate risk,
Free Trial
To access a free 2-Day trial, click on Free Trial on the Main Menu, complete the required information, and submit. You will be provided with a two-Day trial code. Once received, you may try the assessment system using the provided code for two days,
Acquire an Annual Per User License
An annual per user license is available and includes an unlimited number of assessments for the licensed year. Any upgrades or extensions for that year are automatically included at no additional cost. An annual license is renewable. Click on License on the main menu to receive more information.
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