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InAlyzer is a proprietary, patented assessment system focused specifically on observations within the work setting to identify  issues that can indicate the potential for insider theft or damage. It is designed and validated to be used to assess one person at a time and is based on extracted observations of those who have conducted theft or caused damage vs non-malicious insiders. The assessment form should be completed by a manager or supervisor or one who knows the person well and has been in close/frequent contact. InAlyzer has the added advantage that the more it is used by an observer, the more the observer knows how to identify concerns in the work environment.

InAlyzer conducts an analysis of organizational vulnerability, potential threat posed by the person being assessed, and the overall risk within the organization of the person given the organizational vulnerability assessment. Based on workplace observations, if problems are surfaced, the assessment instrument may be used on a periodic basis to track progress if corrective action was required.

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